Wattenbarger Architects

11000 NE 33rd Place
Suite 102
Bellevue WA 98004


Wattenbarger Architects' technological leadership, and use of the latest technologies in the service of our clients, allows us to set a high standard of performance on every project. Our cutting edge technical capabilities extend across all levels of staffing.

Wattenbarger Architects uses Autodesk Revit for all of our projects. Revit's BIM technology allows us to better visualize our designs and significantly reduce the risk of conflicts or errors.

A major value-added benefit to Wattenbarger Architects' clients is access to our own full-function, proprietary, Internet-based communication and project management web site. This extranet site, called WA PROJECT CENTER tm, has been entirely developed by Wattenbarger Architects and is managed by our staff. The site, free to our clients as part of our basic service, liberates our clients from the additional fees associated with using a third party collaborative web site.

Wattenbarger Architects is among the few firms nationally, that has programmers on our staff, full time, and that provides a Project Management web site for use exclusively on our client's projects. This series of interactive web pages, personalized for each project, has been tested under the rigors of real project deadlines. Our clients tell us the added value of our technological expertise, demonstrated by our web site, is immeasurable.